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Offre Aménagement des vestiaires Agility Sports

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Do you like to be well prepared for the match? With the Agility sports A4 Notepad, you are mentally two points ahead even before the game starts! The notepad provides a per page space for writing out the match arrangement, drawing of formations and making any notes during or before the contest. This makes the Notepad the ideal tool for any coach.

Key Features.

  • A4 Size
  • 50 pages
  • Single-sided printing

Tips & Tricks

In addition to the notion block system, Agility Sports also offers various formats of coach boards, useful when making your notes clear to the entire team!

Agility Sports Notepad Football: offre Aménagement

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  • catégorie: Aménagement, Aménagement des vestiaires, Conseils tactiques
  • marque: Agility Sports
  • couleur: blanc
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