Playmobil 9082 Florist (€ 11.80)

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Make the most beautiful bouquets like Playmobil florist. Put the loose cut flowers in buckets and stole your most beautiful bouquets into the nostalgic handkerchief.

With the watering can you water the forest flowers so that they stay pretty long. Write your offers with the special pin on the chalkboard and you sell like a tierelier! With a damp cloth, you easily remove the board so that you can always find new offers. The Playmobil 9082 set Florist consists of 32 parts including a true florist, many cut flowers and a big handkerchief.

Playmobil 9082 Florist: offre Sports et jeux

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  • catégorie: Sports et jeux, Jouets, Playmobil
  • marque: Playmobil
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